BUSINESS: 5 Work From Home Tips for Lockdown work from home lockdown tips

1. Get dressed in the morning

No matter how much I LOVE the idea of working in my pyjamas in bed, it honestly just makes me feel lazy and disgusting. Have a shower (if you are a morning shower person), get dressed and have breakfast like you are going into a normal job. A morning walk is also a good shout if you are someone who normally walks to work.

My top tip is to invest in clothes to wear at home that make you feel good, it doesn’t need to be conventional work wear. A good middle ground for me to feel cosy and comfy for me and still be productive is to wear gym clothes and a comfy jumper. Bonus,  as I like an evening workout so means I don’t need to change later for the gym.

work from home lockdown tips


2. Set a daily routine

When I first went self employed it was soo easy to fall into sleeping in till lunchtime and working late at night. After a while it made me feel groggy working so late at night. Once I established a daily routine I was more productive and focused at my work, and I liked having that spare time in the evening. It can be tempting, especially in these lockdown times to keep working till late at night. I have been guilty of that in the past when I’ve been really busy, those long days take their toll and lead to burnout, which trust me you want to avoid.

My typical work from home day looks like one of the below:
Wake up around 8am, workout, shower, dressed, at my desk for 10:30am work till 6:30-7pm
Wake up around 8am, shower, dressed, at my desk for 9:30am, work till 2:30pm, afternoon break for 2-3 hours (go for food shop, walk, meet a friend), work from 5-7pm
Wake up around 8am, dressed, at my desk for 9am, work till 5pm, workout, bath & relaxing evening

Always make sure you eat proper meals at set times, try to avoid unhealthy snacks  (I’ve been so guilty of it over lockdown!) as they just make you feel sluggish and rubbish!

work from home lockdown tips

3. Get out the house each day

It was be really hard working from home to sepparate work and home life. I flat shared for a long time so I often had my desk in my bedroom so I often found it hard to focus being in the same space for an extended period of time. If you have space in your house an “office” room helps, but I know not everyone has that luxury.

I always make sure I get out of the house each day, prior to lockdown I would go to the gym for a workout 2-3 times a week, go meet a friend or go and do something fun for a few hours in the afternoon or even just a simple walk. I’ve been keeping up my workout routine from home (and sometimes outside!) and getting out for walks which has really helped the separation between work and home.

work from home lockdown tips

4. Recognise distractions and find a way to minimise them

Working from home for the first time, it can be easy to get distracted especially if you have kids around! Recognise what your distractions are, try not to get frustrated and take the time to regroup. For me, the biggest issue for me is getting distracted on my phone on social media – I’ll often leave my phone in another room or turn off the router so I have some offline time to focus. I find having a daily task list is also helpful to keep me focused, at the start of the week I’ll plan out a brief outline of what I want to get one then each day I’ll do tasks for each day. I prefer to write them on paper as I like scoring out as I complete them as it gives me a sense if achievement seeing everything ticked off.

work from home lockdown tips

5. Stay connected to others

Other than when I’m out on shoots, I typically spend most of my time working in the house on my own. It’s hard not to feel lonely and disconnected. Before covid and lockdown going to group exercise classes and did film and TV extras work which both kept me connected to people and stopped the loneliness of being sat in the house on my own working all day. I also make an effort to make time to see friends, working most weekends photographing weddings it can be difficult to see friends and family so I make sure to keep most Sundays and a day during the week off. Since lockdown hit I’ve leaned more to connecting on zoom calls and simple walks.

work from home lockdown tips

I hope that this is helpful for everyone in these crazy times, please let me know what you think! If there is anything else you want to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.


Loraine x