The last few months has been such a hard time for couples looking to get married. Your wedding may look different to how you imagined it to. Small weddings and elopements allow you to focus on your connection as couple. They are authentic, free from stress and allow you to plan an experience for you both to remember. Keep reading on for my 5 top reasons to elope!


lofoten norway destination weddingYou can experience your day just the two of you

Elopements are so intimate and emotional, the main reason why most people get married is for the love and connection they feel as a couple. Elopements allow you to plan an authentic wedding that truly celebrates who you are as a couple and the unique bond you have.

A lot of couples want to feel like they want to have everyone they love in one place. That’s a fantastic thing to want but the reality of a typical wedding day is that it’s almost impossible to have enough time to have a meaningful interaction with every one of your guests on your wedding day. The time ‘just the two of you’ is limited and most of my couples say they don’t get enough time with just each other, your wedding day is about the person you are marrying. You are free to express your love with an elopement and get lost in each other rather than the stress and blur of the day.

Wee weddings and elopements are right for you if you have a sense of free spirit and adventure. They allow you a sense of adventure and to start your married life together with that incredible experience that will grow you both as a couple.There’s nothing more special than just being with the two of you totally lost in the moment, surrounded by beauty in every direction.

Couples in the 18th Century began to come from Scotland to Gretna Green due to Scotlands relaxed marriage laws.A couple could be handfasted and declare themselves married.

Still to this day you have more freedoms in Scotland. You can marry anywhere..all you need is a registered marriage celebrant, two witnesses and to give at least 29 days notice of your intent to marry. There are no legally defined vows allowing you to express your relationship and definition of marriage in a personal and modern way.

Get married in your back garden, up a hill or by a loch. The choice is yours.

fairy glen wedding photos elopement

It is easier and quicker to plan and more flexible

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, with an elopement you can keep things simple and focus on what really matters to you both. Typically it takes around 12-18 months to plan a wedding but most of my elopement couples book me 3-6 months ahead of the wedding meaning you don’t need to wait as long to get married. It is also a lot cheaper which is a bonus too.

One great aspect of eloping is the flexibility you have to do what you want, as opposed to the average wedding day which is stuck to a timeline of the day. You can just have fun.

You can find a place you love, and decide what you want to say to each other and what parts of your wedding ceremony really matter.  You can pick what elements you wish to include such as staying in a nice hotel and planning an activity you both love.

You can be more flexible on your day and really go with the flow. It is easier to change your plans if you need to and as we progress through this ‘new normal’ if you do need to change your wedding plans it is easier to do so with a smaller wedding or elopement.

hand fasting ties and scottish quaichYou can forget about the guest-list and family drama

Does the thought of ditching the guest-list fill you with a sense of relief?

Families can be complicated and especially difficult to deal with when planning a wedding. With an elopement you don’t need to worry about the seating plan, dietary requirements, family fall outs and feeling like you should invite the partner of your cousin so you don’t upset anyone.

Not everyone has that close family bond, or the family drama can be too much to want to handle on a wedding day.

Your wedding day is YOUR DAY and you can simply focus on you and your spouse if you wish. If you want to elope that’s enough reason to do it. You deserve to have those around you who 1000% support you  both as a couple and who make you feel good about yourself.


scottish woodland elopement

Less stress and anxiety

A lot of couples elope as they want a much more relaxed and less stressful wedding day. Planning a big wedding can cause a lot of stress both in the planning process and on the day itself. Weddings ca be the biggest event you put on in your life and can just get too much, especially with the cost of a wedding.

Choose a wedding that brings you the most joy, allows you to relax and feel free on your wedding day. Slow down, feel present in the moment and with the love you feel for each other.

If the thought of being the centre of attention on your day fills you with anxiety eloping is also a perfect option. You are free to be yourself, express you emotions in your own way without worrying about everyone watching you.

lofoten norway elopement photographer wedding

You can value experiences and memories over stuff

Many couples who have planned a smaller wedding do so as they experience and memories rather than the material things.  Whilst spending money on a large wedding is great, eloping allows you to spend your money more intentionally.

Eloping is also better for the environment, think of the number of flights taken by guests to get to your wedding. There is also the single use plastic items and material things such as centerpieces, decorations, props, favours, outfits that won’t be worn again and so much more.

Eloping allows you to get married in a much more eco-friendly, focusing on the experiences rather than the stuff. Experience a beautiful sunset together, go on a hike into the hills, sing by a campfire. Create those memories and experiences that don’t involve unnecessary things.

Lastly, Your day will still fly by, be sure to soak up every moment and treasure the photos from your incredible day. Be sure to bring along an incredible photogpraher to capture the experience for you – I would love to capture it for you! Please get in touch.


Loraine x