WEDDING PLANNING: 5 tips for amazing confetti shots

summerhall wedding edinburgh, couple getting confetti thrown as they walk up the isle

Confetti shots are one of my most requested shots, and absolutely LOVE seeing the reactions on the couples and the guests faces…so much joy! The colour of the confetti always look incredible and its a great celebratory moment on the wedding day.

Confetti is an Italian word for sweets, in Italy plaster imitations were thrown at carnivals and with flowers as the bride left the church and the custom spread to other European countries.

The paper version we have today came when France banned the plaster confetti. In the UK we traditionally used rice, which symbolises fertility but as it can be quite sore when pelted at the couple this was also swapped for paper. Now this is often substituted for bio degradable petals or natural confetti for a more environmentally friendly option.

Getting them right is more difficult than you think – make sure to tell me if you’re having confetti and I can be ready for the big moment. It takes a little bit of organising people to make it look AMAZING. Have a look below for my top tips for confetti awesomeness.

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1. When to have your confetti shot

The best time to have your confetti shot is when your guests are all together so as many people as possible can get involved. There are a few options I’ve found work well and give the best experience for you both and your guests.

As you walk up the aisle 

The first option would be to have it thrown as you walk down the aisle together at the end of your ceremony. Provide your guests with confetti on their chairs then at the end of your ceremony ask your officiant to get your guests to move in close together, closer to the aisle and chuck it as you walk past them. Bonus points as this is the easiest way to organise the shot and it doesn’t matter about the weather if your wedding is indoors!

Edinburgh scotland wedding photographer best of 2018 2017

Have a confetti tunnel after your ceremony

The second option would be to make a confetti tunnel outside after your ceremony. Hide away for a few minutes and as your guests are coming outside your venue have your wedding party hand out the confetti as I line your guests up in two lines to make a confetti tunnel. When we are ready to go you walk slowly through to lots of cheers and have the confetti thrown over you. If you would like a whole group shot of all of your guests, everyone is gathered together and you can do this right after!

Edinburgh scotland wedding photographer best of 2018 2017

The first dance

A lot of venues won’t allow for confetti throwing outside, so a great way around this is to have confetti during your first dance. Have a few confetti canons on hand to give to guests (your wedding party is the best option for this) and plan a point in the music to tell them fire at (let me know too so I can capture it!) and you’ll have a real “wow” moment and photo.


2. Provide your guests with the confetti

It used to be tradition that guests would turn up with a box of confetti, but if you want epic confetti shots provide your guests with it. You can use cones, pouches… or just have a basket that you get your wedding party to hold so guests can take handfuls. It can be petals, rice paper or whatever takes your fancy.

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3 . Bring way more confetti than you think you need

There is no such thing as too much confetti, double up what you think you need. The more the better and confetti canons are a bonus too for a real showering of it!

4 . Make sure everyone throws it right

If you have your confetti in cones ask your guests to take it out of any pouches /cones and put it in their hands before chucking. Get everyone to stand close together and thrown it up in the air rather than at your faces (although those can make for good images too!).

couple walking out of the church and having confetti thrown at them

5. Make sure you have permission to throw it 

You will need to check whether your venue allows confetti, usually it is fine but often they will ask that you use bio degradable confetti for environmental reasons. If you aren’t allowed to throw confetti there are plenty of other options such as bubble guns or making ribbon wands for your guests.

Lastly, enjoy the moment! You’ll probably be finding confetti everywhere for weeks (I always find it in the bottom of my camera bag!) but that’s all part of the fun.

If you have any questions about planning your day, or are looking for a photographer get in touch and we can have a chat.



Loraine x