Finally time to catch up on myself and post about Lisa & Simons’ wedding I shot just over a month ago at Napier Uni in Edinburgh.
After fighting a horrible cough and flu virus fir the week prior the the wedding I woke up still ill and determined to battle through and take the best pictures possible! So full of sudafed and lucozade I was ready to rock.
I started off in the couples house taking some shots of Lisa, her bridesmaids and her dad getting ready. Lisa had on a stunning white and lace vintage style dress with red petticoats underneath, a red sash round the waist, a stunning white and red fastinator made by the lovely Mairi Brunning. Her bridesmaids had amazing cherry print dresses on. So cute! then it was off to Napier Uni for the rest of the day.
The venue was spectacular, especually the main entrance, hall and steps. I loved all the dark wood and period features in the building.
The humanist celebrant was fantastic and made me giggle between snaps. He made lots of jokes about Lisa and Simon’s love of tea (who doesn’t love a good cuppa?).
  I finally got to take lots of confetti snaps, yay!
I took some beautiful snaps of the couple beside their pretty silver wedding taxi in the stunning sunshine. Then it was onto the speeches with lots of 90s indie references which is never a bad thing.
  I loved the cute Alice in Wonderland style mini whiskey bottles on the tables.
 A couple of wee drams of whiskey and some dinner and I was set to photograph the dancing! They started off with some 50s style jive dancing followed by a ceilidh.
I took a few last snaps as the sun began to set before heading home to recover from being sick and let everyone enjoy the rest of the big day.
Hope you enjoy the snaps!