I’ve  been feeling a bit rubbish over the last few weeks and crashing my car topped it all off.   I was pulling out of a junction and a car crashed into me..  I have amazing friends though. Cocktails with my name buddy Lorena, a night of dancing with my friends from my call centre job and I’m getting myself back on track again. There is no point in sitting and dwelling on my rubbish mood. It’s not going to help anything and just make things worse. Back to working mode for me!  Positive positive positive. I can do it.

Opal Lounge fun at work night out
Then it was off to London for London Burlesque week. Got off the train and went to meet my friends Cat and Tom for tea at this super cute secret vintage tea room in Soho then it was off to photograph at the opening gala at the HMS President boat on the Themes. I couldnt get my Vaseline covered filter from a shoot off the camera and the lighting was too plain to make the effect work and the white balance on my camera was a bit off and i was shooting JPG only not RAW. I’m pretty pleased with them although I feel I could have gotten much better shots. Here is a few of the best pics (more on my flickr soon – http://www.flickr.com/photos/cryptdang/sets/72157626503824041/)

My handle on my suitcase broke so the journey back to my friend Cat & Toms flat in Maida Vale was a bit of the nightmare and I was exhausted and close to tears on the way back. It;s times like that that make me realize how big and unfriendly London is! I do love it though.

So it was back from London and the next day I was shooting some beauty shots for my photography portfolio with head pieces by Mairi Brunning, Model: Agata Myszkowska and hair and make up by the talented Kimberley Dewar. What a team! It was a beautiful day so we made the best of it and went down to a Japanese garden near my house instead of shooting studio style. I’m so thrilled with how they turned out. Here is a few previews more to come again see my flickr for more as I edit them http://www.flickr.com/photos/cryptdang/sets/72157626528837519/
Then the next day I got sick…..I hate being ill. It’s even worse when I’m so busy trying to fit in everything I do around a 30 hr a week day job in a call centre. So bed it was to be for 2 days for me before shooting a wedding whilst still pretty ill. I’m so thankful I had the amazingly talented Andrew Moore 2nd shooting for me. Couldn’t have done it without him! I rocked the sudafed and lucazade. Got some kick ass pics. I was shooting the boys getting ready for once which was a bit strange as I normally shoot the bride getting ready. I loved it the boys were so chilled out and a such a laugh. I’m just starting to edit these this week so heres a few unedited previews. Will do a proper wedding update soon!
I shook off my cold finally to shoot Missy Malone.! After about 4 years we have finally done a proper shoot. We did some shots in my house of her in a cute agent provocateur playsuit. We shot some in the Japanese garden for some accessories companies and a Scottish Belle look with a sporran and flashes stolen form my brother then it was back to mine when the rain came to shoot her Goldrush act costume for my book. More when I edit them on my flickr here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cryptdang/sets/72157626565129057/
And so that brings up to date with last weeks car crash doom!

Today I’m off to meet my best friend for coffee before work this evening, tomorrow I’m off to meet bride and groom for next weekends wedding, Sunday I’m performing in Glasgow at a charity event http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=203596419660666

I’m going to be selling prints for a short time to help fund my car insurance excess so please check back and I will post a link. Please help me out if you love my work 🙂