I’m sorry I’m a rubbish blogger!

March ended with another wedding booked, 2 burlesque shows performed and a big show booked at the Keble Ball in Oxford… then April began with a day in the studio working with Katrina Darling. I’ve shot her a couple of times but has recently changed her hair colour to orange. We planned a creative portrait shoot along with hair and make-up artist Kimberley Dewar. Here’s a selection of some of the shots we took. The outfits were styled between myself and Katrina. Since we took these photos things have gone a bit mad for her as she is a distant relative of Kate Middleton and has been featured in the press. (sorry about the massive watermarks – dont want them nicked by the press)

I am so thrilled that a editorial I assisted on last year with London photographer Natalie J Watts has been published in the April 2011 edition of Vecu Magazine http://issuu.com/scoutmag/docs/april_issue_web . Congrats to Natalie as she is a totally phenomenal photographer and I am a big fan of her work.

Yesterday I shot a editorial for Indicate magazine for designer Jennie Loof who creates stunning one-off dresses, skirts, trousers, tops and coats from second hand and vintage fabrics. I managed to put together the shoot in the space of 2 days… thanks to my model Lynn aka Bambi from Brightside models, hair and make-up artist Kimberley Dewar, Jennie Loof for her stunning pieces and Chris her press rep for helping us find some stunning locations hidden away in Glasgow Botanics for us to shoot. Here is a sneak preview – cant wait to see the editorial put together.

I would also like to say congrats to Lisa Cunningham who I photographed last year for Lady Jo Jo’s Boutique and Kirsty aka Ivory Lovelust one of the amazing make-up artists I work with for both being ffeatured in the current issue of  Company Magazine and also in the Daily Record wooooo hooooo.

Also it looks like I will be back shooting some music festivals this summer. Oh yes I’m excited. Bring on the rain, the sun, the bands and of course running around with my cameras!

In the next week I have 3 modelling shoots, 30 hours of work at my call centre job,   and lots of rehearsing to do.  I’m off to London for a week to perform at London Burlesque Week, hopefully do some photography assisting and hide from anything to do with the Royal wedding (I’m thinking a dark coffee shop in Camden with my laptop, ipod and edting!).

I’m really starting to enjoy the mix of all my different jobs this year, every day is so different and fantastic!

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